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The Orchard, Spot Lane, Otham, Maidstone, Kent ME15 8SE

What it was like growing up at The Orchard, a first hand experience

A pub kid. The majority of my childhood memories are being sat on a barstool with a pint of cordial and soda water in one hand, with a packet of scampi fries in the other, cheesy chips being the highlight of my day, and making friends with the kids that come in and out of the pub.

The Orchard was always a pub when I was growing up, groovy red carpets, games machines, a giant projector to watch tv on, and a brightly coloured play park outside, it was a brilliant place to grow up.

Now, in adulthood I have been lucky enough to be able to come back and work here full time!

To watch the transformation that our venue has undergone throughout the years has been amazing, I have first hand witnessed the blood sweat and tears that have been put into this business and it makes me unbelievably proud to be a part of it!

Growing up with a role model like mine, you learn to set standards for everything that you do, this doesn’t always make life easy however this has allowed me to push myself to have the same passion and love for our venue that I grew up seeing.

So why is The Orchard a fantastic choice of wedding venue? I can’t speak for anyone else, however I can first hand tell you that nothing but love, care and passion has been put into our venue from the beginning, we care about our couples and we know how special weddings are and we want to make your special day perfect.

The Orchard for us, isn’t just a job, it is a family, something that we pride ourselves on improving everyday.

Jessi x