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7 Tasks in 7 days…

The countdown is now well and truly on! So, what should you be doing in the week leading up to your wedding?

Wear your shoes in!

This is super important! If you can, wear them around the house for a couple of hours a day whenever you can! It means there should then be no ‘new shoe pinch’ and no blisters getting in the way of dancing the night away! Be sure to pass the tip onto bridesmaids as well- we do not need a needy bridesmaid on the day! IF they are uncomfortable (but way too beautiful not to wear) you still have time to buy some party feet and extra blister plasters! Maybe get a pair of back-up flip flops or glam flats for the evening? 12 hours in uncomfortable shoes is most definitely a form of torture.

Check the table plan

And don’t panic if you have any last-minute changes or cancellations! We should have a copy of your final dietaries plan that we can amend here should we need to! Most weddings will have at least one guest not able to make it on the lead up to the day, it’s very normal so prepare yourself to avoid any disappointment or annoyance on the day!

Make sure your speeches are ready!

We’re all for going with your feelings and emotions on the day, but we would recommend having at least something on paper to refer to when you get that little nervous block! Sorry, but it does happen! And those long awkward silences can be felt by all. Be like a scout and always be prepared!

Brief the bridal party!

Make sure they all know their duties on the day. Are there any guests to keep an eye on after one too many? Who has to help with your dress during toilet breaks? Who will have the make-up for touch-ups? The same goes for ushers and best man duties! Make sure everyone knows his or her jobs for the day!

Pack for the honeymoon or mini-moon!

Don’t delay this one, it’s one of those jobs better off done and out the way before the wedding gets too close so your head isn’t filled with a million other things and you forget your bikini or your toothbrush, or your passports – they make romcoms about things like that! Pack your cases and leave them ready for when you go.

Get Glam

We have no doubt you’re going to look fabulous regardless, but most people like to have a little primp and preen ahead of the big day. Ensure the fake tan is booked with enough time to get rid of the biscuit smell, nails are booked, haircuts, beard cuts and the dreaded waxing are all booked for that week leading up! We always recommend you having a trial run for all thing’s beauty and hair before the week of the big day! And very importantly, do not forget to organise to pick up your dress, suits and rings the week of the wedding and ensure they have a dedicated, safe space and sensible person in charge of these important elements!

Don’t stress!!

Everything is in place, everything has been booked, seating plans are done; guests are all ready for a brilliant day. Just enjoy this week, spend time together before the big day. Preparation is key! Make sure you do not leave anything to the last minute! Make sure to have a pamper day and a relaxing wedding evening before you say your ‘I DO’S’.