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The Orchard, Spot Lane, Otham, Maidstone, Kent ME15 8SE

Be our guest … how to be a great one!

Being invited to share the most special day of someone’s life is a true honour. There are therefore things you can do to repay the happy couple for their thoughtfulness and to get you some serious guest points!

  1. Reply to the RSVP. Quickly, and with all the information they have requested. Unless you have planned a wedding, you will never understand the trauma of having to chase guests, collate the guest list, create the table plan – these are big jobs and it’s not an easy feat – believe us! So be considerate, reply to the RSVP quickly and ensure you answer anything they have asked of you, for example allergens and dietaries, which leads us nicely to…
  2. Take responsibility for your dietaries and allergens. Most wedding venues are not restaurant based, which means the food and drinks are ordered and prepared specifically for the guests present, and specifically based on the information the bride and groom provide us. And do you know where they get that info from…You! If you have an allergy or dietary, let them know in advance and the venue can ensure you are cooked for! Letting us know on the day of the wedding is disruptive, it can affect the service delivery and rustling up a new dish that wasn’t expected is not as easy as 1,2,3. So please make sure you let the couple know in advance to ensure the best service delivery for you and all of the guests on the day.
  3. Plan your journey and accommodation. Don’t leave the planning until the last minute. Look up the journey, work out how long you need, book your hotel, establish when check in time is. If you can check in early or even just drop your bags off and get a taxi to the venue, then do so – it saves going back and forth throughout the wedding. Check for planned roadworks, check out the surrounding areas. Just be prepared because you won’t have a lot of spare time after you have arrived!
  4. Be on time. This doesn’t need explaining – just be there on time. Guests are generally invited to be seated around 15 minutes prior to the ceremony time. Don’t run the risk of seeing the bride before the groom does! Be punctual – and don’t forget, the bar is usually open when you arrive!
  5. Don’t drink too much. No one wants to be the guest who is remembered for shouting out during speeches or crashing the first dance. Line your tummy before you head off because you may not be eating four three or four hours after arriving to the wedding. A wedding is a long day with a lot of free booze so take it slowly – it’s not a race to consume the most free wine possible!
  6. Sign the guest book. You would be surprised the number of people who forget this. If the couple have invited you to spend their big day with them, they would also like a memory of this to reflect back on. There is nothing worse than an empty guest book so make sure you sign it with a lovely personalised message for them to look back on for years to come!