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Five Steps to the Perfect Proposal

However it happens, it is going to be perfect for you both. We have put together a little guide on the essentials to consider when considering popping the question!

Seek permission

This is an age-old tradition, but it is one that has an awful lot of meaning to most. Even if you believe it is a given that your chosen family member will give you their blessing, it’s a nice and respectful thing to do and will be sure to warm the heart of your future fiancé! There are of course cases where seeking a blessing isn’t important, maybe you are a spontaneous couple and just get caught in the moment. Do what you know is right for you and your future fiancé!

Choose the location

Whether it be over breakkie in bed, under the Eiffel Tower or at the beach, the location is the backdrop for the most important question you will ask and the most important question your fiancé will answer – so make it meaningful and memorable. Every couple is different and different places have different meanings, just think about the ‘how did they do it’ story and be confident that your big question story goes down in history for all the right reasons. If you know your future husband or wife doesn’t like being centre of attention, don’t do it in a restaurant or at a family event, make it personal. If you know they love the wow factor, then choose somewhere that will gather a crowd! Getting engaged takes a lot of organising!

Picking the ring

This is possibly one of the most difficult decisions you will make! The ring needs to reflect your fiancés likes, dislikes, personality, your budget – there are a whole host of elements that will dictate the style of ring you choose. The good news is, we live in a social media culture and it is highly likely there will be a Pinterest or Instagram trail of ring inspo for you. Also, cliché or not, most future brides in particularly will likely have had this conversation on more than one occasion with their besties, so pick the friend you trust the most and get a helping hand!

Capture the moment

This can’t always be possible but consider hiring a photographer or drafting in a friend to capture the moment they say yes! The moment will become a bit of a blur for the two of you, so to have photos to look back on will be memories to cherish forever!

Share the news

We all have different opinions on what we do and don’t want to share so make sure you both agree how, when and where you want to share the news with your loved ones. It’s important to make sure all your nearest and dearest are told either via phone or in person and make it private and personal to them as they will be so excited for you and will not want to learn of your engagement via social media! Then decide if you want to stay in your own little bubble for a while or if you want to go shouting from the rooftops! It’s your big news so do it your way!