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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, and with that, comes lots of love, laughter and luck! There are so many different good luck charms, rituals and traditions to make your big day extra special, and we have looked at some of the amazing (and in some cases a little whacky) remedies that are sure to bring you good luck for your big day!

The random, quirky and interesting

We all get caught out not knowing which side the bride stands when walking up the aisle, so maybe this fact will help you out.  Grooms in early Anglo-Saxon England often had to defend their brides during the ceremony (super romantic) so the bride would stand to the left of her future husband so that his sword arm would be free to fight the enemy!

Shoes were once considered to be symbols of authority. The bride’s father would give one of the bride’s shoes to the groom, signifying the handover of the father’s authority to the bride’s new husband. The groom would then tap the bride on the head to show his new role as her master……errrmmmm yeah, we will give that one a miss thanks!

If you listen to old traditions, pearls are not jewellery that a bride wants to be wearing on the big day as it means the marriage will be full of tears and sorrow! Well, we think they’re rather classy!

If the groom drops the wedding ring, the marriage is doomed forever……no pressure or anything guys!

Before the times of Asda and Lidl, the groom would have presented his bride with an engraved silver teaspoon to ensure that they never go without food.

Apparently, the English consider a spider found in a wedding dress good luck. This is most definitely something we object to!

Bad luck for your siblings, but superstition states that if your older sister attends your wedding unmarried, she must dance barefoot at your wedding or risk staying a spinster forever. Charming!

We say it time and time again and no one believes us, but rain on your wedding day is good luck! A knot that becomes wet is almost impossible to untie, therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage will be just as hard to unravel and will therefore stand the test of time! See, we told you!

The good old traditions

Something old is to have a reminder or item to link the bride to her family and the past so it’s not forgotten. Traditionally, the bride would often wear a piece of family jewellery or her mother’s wedding dress (we are not 100% sure those trends are quite up to 2019 trends, but we love the thought).

Something new represents anticipation for good fortune and success for the newlyweds in the future. The bride often chooses the wedding dress to represent the new item (sounds a bit more like it).

Something borrowed is usually an item given by a happily married woman and is thought to lend some of her wealth, prosperity and joy to the new bride. We are all for this one! Share the wealth!

Something blue represents steadiness and loyalty, and from biblical times, signified a symbol of purity. The something blue is often a garter or a small blue bow stitched into the lining of the wedding dress. This is a cute one!

‘A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe’ is often the part of the rhyme we seem to miss. Traditionally it symbolises a wealth of happiness and joy for the bride. Today, it is often the father of the bride who places a coin into her left shoe, before they leave for the ceremony. Sounds a little uncomfortable but we will go with it….

A horseshoe is a classic good luck charm for your wedding day. A tradition that was established many moons ago, a horseshoe was thought to represent a crescent moon and was therefore a very powerful fertility charm! Don’t forget, the horseshoe mustn’t be turned upside down or the good luck will fall out!

Despite all these weird and wonderful traditions, we think that marrying the love of your life at the wedding venue you adore is pretty lucky! But it never hurts to have a little helping hand!