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The next nine steps after taking the next big step!

Congratulations! You’re engaged!!! This is super exciting news and you have a million things going on in your mind right now! So, this is a little guide on the nine things you should be doing after saying ‘YES’!

  1. Check the ring! And no, we are not being snobby and asking how big the diamond is and of what clarity……we want to know if it is insured! If not, do it now! And if it doesn’t fit right now, take the obligatory ‘we are engaged’ ring photos for your Facebook post and put that sparkler somewhere safe and sound until you can get to a jeweller to get that secured on your finger for life!
  2. Start shouting from the rooftops and share on your news on social media channels (if you fancy it, if you don’t, don’t!). But whatever your vibe, do NOT share anything online until your nearest and dearest have had an emotional, and a little hysterical phone call or visit from you. It is super important to ensure all your loved ones are told of your fabulous news before Nick who you worked with 6 years ago, but you don’t say hello to when you see him in the street knows!
  3. Think about who you want to be sharing your big day with. It only needs to be a guide but the number of guests you want at your wedding day will help with choosing the right venue for you and will help set a realistic budget. Look at having an essential and a bonus list for the day time, and don’t forget to account for the evening guests as venues will all have a maximum capacity to work towards.
  4. How much are you willing and able to spend on your big day? Did you know the average UK wedding in 2019 is costing in excess of £33,000! That’s crazy money! A budget is an important aspect as this will also determine the venue and will set you realistic goals for what you want, desire and need for your big day. You need a photographer, you don’t need a doughnut wall. Remember, wedding planning is supposed to be fun, so overstretching yourself to fit the venue isn’t a good thing to do. If you are neglecting yourself a bottle of wine and a Chinese takeaway on a Friday night because you’re penny pinching, this is affecting your quality of life and the quality of you two being a happy couple!
  5. When are we celebrating? Now you have a better idea of your budget, this will have determined to some extent how long it will be until you can get hitched. Do you want a magical winter wedding or a summer sizzler? Do you have a preferred day of the week or can you be flexible? Do lots of your guests work in a school and can only get time off in the school holidays? Do you have a special and memorable date that you specifically want for your big day? There is a lot to think about when choosing a date, or at least a year or season. If you are super flexible with your date, you are a venues dream because they will be sure to find you a perfect date for the perfect day!
  6. Where are we celebrating?! The venue is such an important aspect as this is the backdrop for the biggest day of your life. With so many different styles of venue to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Filter down what style of venue you imagined; hotels, outdoors, barns, modern, traditional etc. Then from that, your budget, preferred dates and guest numbers will play a part in what venues can accommodate your needs and those that you can cull early on as non-starters. Then it’s the fun bit, gathering the brochures, looking around, envisaging your big day! We truly believe in the cliché of ‘getting the feels’, and we think that when you know, you really do know! Visiting more than one venue is a great idea for a comparable, but on the same token, if you are in love with the venue and they are the one for you and have the perfect date, maybe don’t risk delaying it further and get your wedding date in the diary!
  7. Ask your favourite people to share the big day with you. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are there to support you, share in your excitement, plan the best Hen or Stag ever and stand by your side on the day. There are so many lovely ways to ask your special people to be such a special part of the day so make it ‘a thing’ for them too!
  8. Get organised! A great venue will have a dedicated wedding team, there to support you every step of the way. Get a wedding planning document or folder, do your research, work out what needs to be done and when and get a plan in place. Remember though, you need to be organised, not manic! Don’t be a bridezilla. Be calm, cool and collected and know that you have plenty of time to get it all pulled together with the support of your venue, family and friends. The more you have included within your venue package the more ticks you can turn green without the stress of having to source, research and arrange them yourself.
  9. Enjoy the best day ever! This sounds super obvious we know, but so many couples can get caught up in the intricate details on the day itself – why people aren’t where they should be, the weather might not be as good as you want it to be……in the grand scheme of things what matters is – are you having a great day? Are your guests having a great day? In which case, roll with it. You will never get this day back and it will absolutely fly by, so focus on the fact you have married the love of your life with the most important people celebrating with you, so eat, drink and be merry and enjoy every second!