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They Came, They Saw, They Captured….

Your wedding photographer is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. They will provide you with the images you will keep forever as a reminder of the best day of your life.

We have therefore asked some of the incredible photographers we have included within our packages, for their advice and guidance on the ‘dos and don’ts’ and the things you should be thinking about when it comes to all thing’s photography on your big day! Read below some of the hints and tips from Mark Gray Wedding and Event Photography, MF Wedding Photography and Nicky Thomas Photography.

Make sure you meet your photographer before the wedding day. Unlike other suppliers who drop things off and go, your photographer will be with you, your family and friends all day. Make sure you are completely confident they will not only deliver quality pictures, but you feel at ease with them. Talk about the day, discuss timings, the sort of shots that you would like, make a list. Your photographer doesn’t know if you’ve a best friend over from Australia and you really want that shot, and when it comes to group shots, try and keep these to a minimum of combinations.

Take a bridesmaid with you to help ‘fluff’ the dress. This way, you haven’t got to wait for the photographer to do it and then get into position for the perfect shot.

Expect your dress to get a little dirty underneath, unfortunately this could happen and if you want that WOW pic you will have to let your dress touch the floor….but it will be so worth it!

Ask to see a full wedding album of theirs and ideally of your venue if they have it. All photographers showcase their best work, but what about the prep shots, the day shots, the details. Also, ask to see a variety of conditions, rain shots, night photography, action shots etc.

Some photographers offer you an unbelievable package and to be honest, if it seems too good to be true it normally is (unless included within an Orchard package of course!). The first question asked always seems to be, how much? It is far more essential to see if you have a rapport with your photographer and that you are happy with the work they can show you. Photography styles can vary so much which is great, as it gives you such a great variety of choice to suit your wants and needs. Don’t forget a ‘photographer’ is absolutely not the same as a ‘wedding photographer’ and it is never worth it to scrimp on your photos!

Remember, having shot so many weddings, the photographer knows how the day goes, and are there to assist wherever possible. They know what they are doing, listen to their ideas, as well as having ideas of your own. They are here to ensure you get the best memories of your big day so if they know something won’t work, listen to their advice as the experts.

If the weather is bad, they will try their very best to get you the best photos possible, so be prepared to maybe go and have photos taken during your meal – not while you are eating of course!

Take sensible shoes with you, especially going down to the lake. Sometimes heels can sink into the mud, and you don’t want to ruin your wedding shoes!

An engagement shoot is a great way to work with your photographer before the wedding day. You will try on the dress or suit, probably have a trial for hair and makeup and will attend a cake tasting session before the wedding day, so it makes sense to work with the photographer before the wedding. We know from experience it helps our couples feel more relaxed on the day and result in better wedding photographs. If you look like Chandler Bing in your photos, it’s best to know ahead of the big day so it can be worked around! 

Consider going unplugged, at least for the ceremony.  Tell your guests you have a professional photographer and that you would like them to be in the moment, to enjoy the ceremony as it unfolds in real life rather than trying to view it as they take pictures or film it on their phone.

Have a drink and visit the restroom before you get started with the photos. After all the nerves and excitement, the last thing you will want is to be thirsty or need a rest break!

Have fun with your photographer – we love couples that laugh with us!

Most of all just enjoy it! It will show in photos if you are stressed or uncomfortable, no matter how professional and talented your photographer is!

A few things to avoid when it comes to your wedding photography


Think that they won’t take very long – they do! Although the time flies by, photos do take some time, so bear that in mind when creating a realistic list of shots you want taken

Get stressed with your family and friends for not listening or not being where they should be at the right time, they are excited too and want to congratulate you and mingle with other guests

Panic if it is bad weather! See it as a positive as some of the most beautiful and creative photos are taken during bad weather as it gives off a totally different effect. Plus, it’s good luck to rain on the wedding day!

Worry if you have a spot or a mark……photoshop is a wonderful thing!

Look at the camera throughout your vows!


You eat the cake, you wear the dress once, you hire the suit, but the wedding photos last a lifetime. This is why you need to get it right and choose a photographer that’s right for you.

 Special thanks to Mark, Mel and Nicky for your hints and tips!