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To Post, Or Not To Post?

We can’t deny it; we live in a social media culture where every element of our lives is online for all to see. Some love it, some hate it, and some are just simply addicted to it. However, how do we feel about having social media incorporated into the biggest day of our lives? In theory, all those loved ones that you would want to share the day with will be present, so is there a benefit to having social media form part of your day? We have looked at some of the pros and cons of social media on your big day, and remember, whatever this blog may say, it is YOUR big day, so you do what is right for you!

No photos

Pro – If you only have one photographer then it is a great opportunity to have multiple photos taken by your guests throughout the day. You never know what they may or may capture that couldn’t be captured by your photographer if he is concentrating on something else.

Con – You do only have one photographer, which means they have one shot at getting your key shots – so having 50 phones and cameras obstructing their view can make it very hard to get the key shot. Also, in particular during the ceremony, those guests have the honour of being invited to witness the most important part of the day, when you actually get married, so watching it through their phones rather than truly being in the moment with you can seem like a bit of a waste.

Solution – Have an unplugged ceremony. No phones and photos throughout the ceremony itself. Let your guests enjoy the moment with you and let your photographer do the job they are paid to do. You and your fiancé can actually see each other as you walk down the aisle instead of having to dodge everyone hanging out of the aisle taking pictures of you. They can then take pictures of you after you have signed the register, when they are invited to do so, so they don’t totally miss out!

No social shares

Pro – Creating a personalised hashtag or having a photo sharing app can gather all your guests’ images into one place, in time order which essentially creates you a lovely little album and you have the benefit of choosing all your favourite shots to share for yourselves.

Con – for some couples, it’s really important that guests don’t share images on social media until you have the honour of sharing with extended family and friends your big news yourselves – and it is YOUR big news to share.

Solution – Invite guests to take as many photos as they wish but request, they do not share anything for at least 24-48 hours – you can specify this depending on how quickly you think you will be on social media the following day. That way, you have the honour of posting your favourite pictures yourselves and then guests can post away!

No bad shots

Pro – Guests will capture a variety of shots throughout the day, from different perspectives, angles, of things you might not even realise is happening – its like having 100 different eyes on your big day so they are sure to capture every element

Con – You have very little control over what they do and don’t share. We all have that friend who has no concept of cropping out a double chin or putting a flattering filter on – they just go ahead and share the images in bulk! This can occasionally lead to a less than flattering image being posted of you – and no one wants that when they are feeling all emotional (happy emotions of course) and probably a little worse for wear the day after the wedding

Solution – Find a photo sharing app that creates a personalised portal with log in and password and have your guests take their images via this app. That way, you have all images in one place and can remove those you do not approve of before they are shared elsewhere! WhatsApp can also work for this if you have a group chat of your nearest and dearest.

What’s the right answer?

Every couple is different, some like to share, some are more private – there is no right or wrong, just consider the ways in which you can tailor the amount of sharing, when and where, to ensure it suits your wants and needs for your big day!