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What’s Hot and What’s Maybe…..Not

We’re constantly looking into trends and up and coming ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ in the wedding world! If you are tying the knot in 2019 or 2020, here’s what we found! …But don’t forget, it’s your wedding! Create your own trend, it is about what YOU love for YOUR big day …

What’s Hot? 


In 2018 we saw an array of colours for center pieces, with bright pinks being the hot colour. This year its looking like there will be a mix of gorgeous pastels, vintage tones and corals, with a rustic edge leading the way in colour trends for flowers. Peonies being the key flower! Small collections of whimsical, quaint flowers will be one of the most popular choices! We are already seeing some beautiful ideas coming our way! 

Colour schemes

Although we are seeing the lovely vintage, pastel tones in flowers; when it comes to your over-all colour scheme, purple is leading the way for the favourite colour of this year. We’ll be seeing lots of violet and Lilac tones. Other colour trends we cannot wait to see more of are the beautiful silver sage tones, with muted greens and moss like colours, sunset yellows with warm hints of orange and of course, dusty pink is staying firmly in place as an old favourite. 

Lavish wedding Cakes 

With no Royal weddings scheduled for this year (just a new Prince or Princess….eeeekkk!) it seems we still wish to carry on the love of these by mimicking the regal designs of past wedding cakes, with 2019 still seeing designs with beautiful Gold’s and metallic touches, rippled icing and textured sugar work. It’s all about being bespoke with our wedding cakes; we can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

Eco-Friendly and Ethical Weddings

Something very close to our hearts! We are seeing more and more couples becoming aware of the environment when planning their weddings, which we love! From foam-free flowers becoming a massive thing, to ensuring locally sourced products are used for making your wedding cake and wedding breakfast. We also love seeing naturally dried petals being used for confetti, it’s beautiful and doesn’t contain nasty plastics that will damage our environment or harm local wildlife. Chat to your florist or get drying yourself, its easy!

What’s Maybe…..Not?  

Were not ones to say what to do or what not to do on your big day. It is your day, and we believe your wedding should be all about you as a couple and your personalities. If you want an alpaca to walk you down the aisle, who are we to judge?! But we’ve had a look into trends for 2019/2020 so lets have a look at maybe what isn’t so hot any more….

Wedding Favours

Favours are always a real personal choice, some love them some really do not see the need for them. Trends for 2019 are looking like its leaning more towards…. give them a miss! They are an unnecessary expense, sometimes a massive pain and worry about what to do for them and what for? For them to usually be left behind unopened! So why not look into something else instead of a traditional ‘sugar almond’ favour. We LOVE charity donations for favours. Donate to a great cause, maybe close to your hearts. There’s also a lot to be said for the ‘experiences’ to be had on a wedding day. Photo-booths, Magicians and Sweetie carts all add to your day, creating great memories for your guests, rather then something that probably cannot fit in your clutch bag! 

Menu ‘choices’

As a venue we strongly believe that meal choices are a thing of the past! Selecting your dishes for your guests and letting us know of any dietary requirements is sure to make the RSVP part of the process way more enjoyable for you! It’s hard enough to get an RSVP from a guest, let alone a menu choice (trust us!) Plus it slows down your service and adds to your budget! Fear not, we will cater for any dietary requirements as needed!

Wedding ‘Stress’

Weddings should be a joyous occasion! Even the planning of it should be fun! Wedding stress is a thing of the past! Our wedding packages and our team will look after you every step of the way! Having an all-inclusive wedding package means you have the peace of mind knowing us, as your venue will take care of your suppliers, as well as the planning and the running of your day! Take a look at our packages page for yourself!